We are currently taking advice from Australian and Queensland government websites regarding requirements for Queensland Campgrounds. As updated on 17th December, 2021, there are no vaccination mandates or directives on Queensland campgrounds, meaning we can continue to welcome both vaccinated and unvaccinated guests. Guests should continue to check in using our QR code, or by filling out a paper check in at our office. You may notice some of our staff are choosing to wear a mask during check-in or whilst moving around the camp. This is a personal choice, and we support the personal choice for both our staff and guests. Please continue to physically distance where possible. We know that this can be difficult inside our amenities, so you may like to carry a mask with you.

Hand sanitiser is supplied at our office – please utilise this prior to entering our office to check in. accessed 20th December, 2021 accessed 20th December, 2021